Fariman Sugar


Sabet Khorasan Manufacturing and Industrial Factories Company was established on September 14, 1957 and was registered under number 317 in the Register of Internal Companies of Mashhad, and then the company headquarters was moved to Tehran and its registration number was changed to number 11007 on March 5, 1972 . has been found and after the transformation of the company into a public company in 1976, it was accepted as a member of the Tehran Stock Exchange Organization and its name was included in the board of the said organization.

The main activity of the company is in the sugar industry, and it established the first private beetroot sugar factory in Iran in Freeman, 75 km from Mashhad, and carried out its trial operation in 1338, and then bought major shares from Shirin, Jam, and Bistun sugar companies. and with the coordination and cooperation of several other sugar factories in Khorasan, took the highest share in the establishment of Sengah Company to supply limestone needed by the sugar industry and the establishment of Khorasan Agricultural Research and Services Company to establish soil science laboratories and quality analysis of beetroot and farm management beet research and the establishment of about twenty beet mechanized service bases in the beet growing areas of the shareholder factories (which were transferred to the shareholder factories themselves after more than twenty years of operation in the reported financial year) and also with the same coordination and cooperation of the center Investigation and research and education of sugar industries and in the heart of it, the Faculty of Applied Sugar for the training of technicians and sugar engineers has been established, which has been a worthy service for the entire sugar industry of the country.


years of continuous effort